Our Events

Retrostylez will be featured and many up-coming events for 2019 we are already featuring in multiple parades as well as talent shows for our family and friends to come out and see our progress we are planning trips and events atleast once a month to showcase our talents

Our Story

Every story has a beginning, and this is oursĀ  As the CEO of Retrostylez mentoring and dance group our mission is to build a family a foundation a face for our girls and lead them to a brighter future

my team captains have been dancing since the age of 7 and under they are very passionate about their art as we call them semi-pros but stars in the making.

Meet the Team Captains

So I decided to take a different approach and let our older girls be productive role models for the younger girls so take a moment and meet our captains of Retrostylez


Odessa *Dessi*

Captain 1


Tayvonya *Poodie*

Captain 2


Sonya *Toot*

Captain 3

Next Steps...

business hours are Monday-Saturday 6am-10pm